Homes for Change is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to changing our world through helping those in need into warm, safe, comfortable, nurturing transitional housing homes and communities.  We provide much needed services to our inhabitants, such as counseling, therapy, life assessment programs, job skills training, job placement, budgeting and money management courses.  Participants receive ongoing support for two years, and are assisted into their very own accessible, affordable, sustainable permanent housing.  Our purpose is to help every person to have a place to call home, and to foster a nurturing, pay-it-forward-culture.  We are here to do our part to Change the World, acting from our hearts, providing our assistance, through our Homes for Change.

Our Purpose

HFC’s primary purpose is to provide a viable pathway for the homeless to re-enter society as a productive member.  HFC uses the most proven and successful methods – methods that are hands-down the most cost effective and socially responsible approach.  A key component is that we restore the individual’s dignity and self-worth – the two most critical factors in generating the positive upward spiral that leads to permanent success.

How We Do It

We accomplish this by providing an actual semi-permanent housing accommodation to the individual or family.  An individual receives a room they can call their own – essentially an efficiency apartment.  Instead of being turned out onto the street every morning the way shelters operate, we give them a HOME!

The same is true for families.  They receive accommodations that add separate bedrooms for parents and children to the home.  This is particularly beneficial for children, providing a great sense of safety, peace, and stability.

How We Enhance Success

All charities have a noble purpose – and all have limited funds.  In order to do the greatest good for the most people – both the homeless and our donors – we have developed a system that is effective, efficient, and ultimately self-sustaining.

To help as many homeless as possible with limited funds, we focus on those we can help most quickly.  It has been found that the sooner you reach and help a newly homeless person, the better their chances of re-entering society as a happy and productive person.  We can get to them before they have begun the long slide into psychological issues and substance abuse.

Our Endowment

To make the very best use of the wonderful generosity of our donors, we are working with powerful financial groups to build an endowment so we have a permanent source of cash for our programs – and provide permanent support for our participants.  That way we remain as a dependable, known resource for our communities.  Since we build permanent solutions, we need to ensure we are permanent ourselves.

We have several types of donation strategies that suit every donor’s situation, matching the donation desires and capabilities of our supporters to the best donation solution.  We even have a way that allows donors to deposit larger amounts that actually earns interest and then is returned – a “Have your cake and eat it too” strategy.  Please see Donation Strategies.

Our Programs

We use proven, highly successful in our programs.  We provide clean, safe, secure homes inside of supportive, uplifting, eco-green, cooperative villages in which our residents create a nurturing community and a path to a forever home.

Homes for Change enables our residents to grow towards home ownership through their active participation in their communities.  An environment of kindness, health, wellness, and mutual respect for all is fostered through a series of programs and curriculum teaching the beauty of living a contributive, joyful, and pay-it-forward life.

Various behavioral therapies, counseling, and our Life-101 Programs are enjoyed.  Graduates move though a series of carefully established milestones, enhancing their feelings of accomplishment with each new experience.

This approach has shown to be the most successful method, with over 84% of participants reintegrate as productive members of society, living fulfilling and contributive  lives.

Please see Programs for more information.

Our Mi

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide deserving individuals and families with opportunities to become homeowners and start a new chapter in their lives. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to design programs which encourage people to re-enter the workforce, gain new skills, and become productive members of the community and society. 


Inspired to Join Us?

Help us make a difference.  We are thankful to everyone, for their support, whether financial, spiritual, or for their volunteer efforts.

Together, we are providing Homes for Change.